Thursday, April 9, 2015

Changing Technology: Cell Phone Spy Software

As the name suggests, Cell Phone Spy Software is unique spy software that makes you aware of many things happening behind you, the things that could be unpleasant but very important for you. Cell Phone Spy Software detects several important things that user does in mobile.

Why we need to use this software?
In our present society, numerous reasons have emerged to use this software. The life around us is very complicated and full of doubts. Cell Phone Spy Software has become very useful for those who really want to keep an eye on someone. The software can be very helpful for those who really care about their relationships and wanted to keep an eye on their spouse. Cell Phone Spy software is blessing for those parents who see bright future in their eyes for their children.
The software helps to inform you what your children do with their mobile phone. Their mobile phone may have contained some inappropriate content.

Need not to worry, if you are the owner of some marketing or telecommunication company, don’t be under doubt that your employees are wasting time in unnecessary calls and texts.

How this software works?

The working of this software is quite easy. You just need to install it on the targeted Phone and let it work on its own way. It will take hardly few minutes to complete its installing process. After that you are ready to track all the information of the targeted cell phone. The one more thing that makes this software very special from other spying software is the user of targeted cell phone never realizes that his cell phone is being spied by someone. The software is compatible with all smart phones and window phones. Through this software, information of the target phone goes to private user account by spy mobile server, which is further, can be admittance through computer having internet connection.

Features of the software

    • Call Tracking:- The software tracks all the sent and received calls of the targeted phone. Besides this, you can also check time and duration of the calls.

    • Phone Book Tracking:- Through this you can see all the phone numbers stored in the memory of targeted phone.

    • GPS Location:- It helps you to track the exact location of the targeted cell phone..

    • SMS Tracking:- SMS tracking was never so easy but with the help of Cell phone Spy Software, you can track all the incoming and outgoing texts of targeted phone even if the texts has been erased.

    • Email Tracking:- Cell Phone Spy Software creates the log to track all the emails of targeted phone and saves them into spymaster pro account. In addition to one can also see the deleted emails because these emails are already stored by the software in spymaster pro account.

    • Image and Video Tracking:- It will help your to track all that images and videos sent as well as received through targeted cell phone.

    • URL Tracking:- Through this you can track all the browsing history of targeted cell phone.
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