Monday, May 6, 2013

What To Wear in Summer For Men

Clothes For Men in Summer
With the coming of summer, we usually get worried about our clothing as we had to compromise with style and look. Summer leaves us in the condition where can't give preference to fashion as weather don't allow to wear heavy stuff. We see in summer, most of us deal with sweat and bad odour, and this is done with mostly office going or college going guys. So guys don't worry, here are the few dressing tips for you which can be worn in this summer without any adjustment in your style statement.

Shirts: change your shirt stuff this summer. Go for cool light Coloured cotton shirts, which are made of pure cotton. It will give you unique pleasant look, and will make you feel very light. There are variety of cotton shirt are available in market; go for your style but again choose the color carefully.

T-Shirt: is normal dress for summer, which is most preferred by college going boys. A light color T-Shirt makes you cool and stylish. You can go for colors namely lime, white, sea, green, etc. Avoid black, Dark Blue, and such other dark colors.

Trouser:  Cool trouser gives elegant look to boys. There are variety of trousers available in market which is used both formally and informally. You can wear these trousers for office and home as well.
It is better to go for linen or cotton made trousers in summer as these are cool, attractive, and most impotent these are quite comfortable for summer.

Shorts:  Shorts are perfect to wear for morning and evening exercise and walk. Today, variety of shorts are ready to give you unique style and look. Jeans, cotton, linen you can choose as per your style and fashion taste.

Footwear: is also very essential thing to discuss. In summer you can wear sandal and stylish chappal which gives sleek look to your feet. Sandals are quite good for home, and office too. Go with these clothes and have fun guys this summer.

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